My dog family

Father Alias

This is my father Alias de L'Ile Romande. Isn't he looking good? He lives in Switzerland. His mom is very active with him in training. You can see more pictures of Alias here.

Mother Francheska

My mother Francheska (Ulyssia Di Barbochos Reiau De Prouvenco). She lives at Luddelumps kennel in Boden in north Sweden. She was one of the first Barbets in Sweden and has a lot of the old Barbet blood lines in her. She was imported by Luddelumps from Mr Rainer Georgii in France together with her sister Urgele.


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My dog friends

My very best friend is Isa. She is a portugese waterdog and lives in Stockholm. I miss her a lot when I am in Holland. But I have many friends in Holland as well.


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My human family

Mommy Elisabeth and I

This is my mommy Elisabeth Roest Kempemo and I. I am her first dog. Oh how she was longing for me her whole life! Now we have so much fun together. She has her own consulting company and I can follow her to her job every day. That is great because I do not like to be alone. In Sweden I have grandma and grandpa, aunts and mini-parents.


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Dutch daddy Bart

This is daddy Bart and I visiting Amsterdam. He is so strong - he always puts me on his shoulder. In the beginning it made me scared but now I am used to it. Mom and dad take me with them everywhere. I like that. I even went bowling with them the other day! In Holland I can join in restaurants and other places, no problem. In Sweden it is not allowed. Well, they do not know that I behave perfectly wherever I go. I never bark or make a fuzz. I just enjoy being with my family. The children Bas and Margot love to cuddle with me!


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