I like to learn all different kinds of things. I know many tricks, e g bow, play dead, and hands up. Sometimes people call me a circus dog! Mom uses a nice little device called a clicker to teach me new things. It helps me to know exactly when I do the right thing. Click! And I get a treat. When I see the clicker I always feel happy and excited cause I know I am going to get some treats, when I do things right.


Over the years I have participated in the following courses:


Game tracking

Here I am with a wild boar hoof that I found during game tracking training. Uh, it was scary when I first smelled the wild boar and I did not dare to go and get it. But after a while I took courage. To find it I had to follow a track of blood that mom prepared. It was exciting to see where it would lead! Once I found the hoof I immediately went looking for a safe place where I could dig it down deep into the earth so that noone else would find it. One day I will go back and get it!

Man trailing

I have tried a few times to look for people that are hiding in a forest. It is a whole complicated system you must follow if you want to do it right. Run out from beside your master, pick up a sort of dummy when you find the person, return it to your master and then go look again in another direction. It is quite fun and the people that are hiding always give me nice sweets. But honestly, I think I prefer just looking for my mom when she is hiding herself or different things during our walks!