Puppies born to Yatzie & Toffee

Yatzie was mated on 11 dec to the irresistible stud Barbedoux Toffee Leckerli.
The lucky date (11-12-13) makes this a very special litter!

Toffee lives nearby us, and Yatzie and Toffee often take walks together. They liked each other from the first meeting. Toffee is a very nice dog. He is so well balanced, self secure, open to both dogs and humans and extremely sweet and loving. It is such a nice feeling to be able to mate Yatzie with a dog that you know so well and that you like so much! See more photos of Toffee here.
Toffee's mother Toutes, also lives near us and we know her for many years. She even sometimes stays over with us. She is a very special, soft spirited and well-balanced barbet.

The two lovers!

About Toffee

Born: 07-09-2010
Height: 59 cm
Weight: 29 kg
Fur: Brown, curly

Mother: Laulava Toutes t'Adorent
Father: Bango du Pré de Redy

Hips: HD-A

Eyes: PRA/Cataract: free

Cheerful and open, sociable, playful, inquisitive, energetic but calm. A lovely Barbet with a great character! Toffee is a very nice dog, he is confident, sociable, friendly, and very kind to children, in short, an ideal dog. With his powerful build, athletic gait, breed typical coat texture and friendly character, he is a great asset to the Barbet population.