Puppies 2011 - Champagne litter

Yatzie gave birth to her first litter of ten puppies, 6 girls and 4 boys, on September 17 2011. The litter is called the Champagne litter and all puppies have Champagne names, because Yatzie gave birth on my birthday -  what a clever dog she is, who surprised me with such an amazing gift! 

Yatzie and the stud: Piero della Francesca (Chico)

On July 18 Yatzie was mated with the Italian stud Piero della Francesca called Chico - a hidden pearl in the Barbet world (the owner does not like exhibitions). He is already the proud father of six puppies born in September 2010 in Canada.


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Facts about Chico

Chico is a healthy Barbet with a cheerful, affectionate, lively and sweet character. He is a great swimmer and loves water. Chico was born on 22 October 2007. He is 60 cm high, hips B, eyes clear. Chico's parents are the International beauty champions Poppenspaler's Veltliner and Lucrezia Borgia.

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