Playing by the river

Saturday morning Marion escorted us to a fantastic river area outside of La Spezia where he tales his Barbets every day to swim and play. It was so good to see the strong bond between him, Chico and Mati. They seem to mean everything to each other! So much affection from all parts. Chico and Yatzie had time to get to know each other during two hours of playing and relaxing. Yatzie is still clearly reluctant too get to close to Chico who is very interested! It felt so good that they could spend this time together before the actual mating which will take place after another 8-12 days. After this nice get together we continued our trip to the final destination, Tuscany, where we have rented a house together with our good friends Maike and Peter.

"I have Yatzie on my mind"

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  • Anna • 27 juli 2011 17:04:19
    Du tar så himla fina bilder! Chico och Yatzie passar så bra tillsammans. Hoppas allt går bra nu. Saknar er! vi ses kanske i fjällen (som jag verkligen, verkligen vill att du kommer till) Kramar från hela familjen!
  • Ok Anna - vi kommer!

    29 juli 2011 23:54:42

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