We arrived in France!

Yesterday Yatzie and I went by car to Cluny, north of Lyon. Elaine Fichter, the breeder of Django, lives in a village nearby and her veterinary will do bloodtests to determine the optimal day for the mating to take place. We are staying in a picturesque Bed&Breakfast called La Maison des Gardes. This morning Yatzie made friends with the owners dog in the garden outside our room. In the afternoon we have an appointment with the vet! Exciting. I believe it is getting close looking at Yatzies behaviour.

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  • Willemien och Silas • 24 november 2010 19:24:56
    Hej vänner i Frankrike,
    Vad härligt att följa er där borta! Snö i Sverige och just nu en glad kille (Silas) med två tjejer ute på tomten i ett snökrig.
    Fortsätter följa er. Ha det bra. Puss och kram willemien och de andra.
  • oda • 22 november 2010 18:13:26
    Good luck!


Yatzie playing with Api, the dog of the B&B owners, just outside our room.

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