It is unfair!

If hunting is Yatzie's passions, balls is Saartje's! Today as we walked around the Niederlandse Plasse our old labrador Saartje found a smelly ball in the dirtiest part of a canal. She was so happy about the ball that she did not allow me to take it from her mouth to throw it for her. She happily chewed on it as we walked around the lake, she even forgot that she can not run very fast due to her arthrosis. But after half an hour she was ready to play. So I tied Yatzie to a tree for 20 minutes. This was too unfair in Yatzies eyes who protested with a loud voice!


Yatzie has now left behind her a long period of fake pregnancy, during which she has been very affected by the motherhood hormones; she did not want to go out, she was making nests at home etc etc. Now she has so much energy! This energy she canalizes in hunting... it is getting out of hand sometimes as she is extending her area and the time that she is away. So I am forced to keep her on a long line - she can move but not run away.

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  • Carola • 13 mars 2011 21:39:37
    Hej! Vilken fin hemsida du har. Kom att tänka, när jag läser det du skrev idag, att kraftig skendräktighet kanske är ett gemensamt Luddelumpsdrag eftersom Ebba också har det? Vad tror du? Hälsningar från Carola och Ebba
  • Hej Carola, Intressant att höra att Ebba har det också. Jag vet inte hur det är med de andra tjejerna i kullen. Vet du?

    14 mars 2011 09:11:58

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