On the monastic grounds of the Abbey of Cluny

Spent an hour in the old monastic grounds of the Cluny Abbey today, thinking back at the times 800 years ago when these corridors were full of zealous monks aspiring a higher life. Now there are zealous young arts students with the same kind of aspiration I guess. I hope you enjoy the photos. I also found an old chapel in the garden that had amazing acoustics and I could not help but sing a little there. I share a small piece with you so you can hear how the sound is bouncing around the arches.


It started snowing tonight! They say I brought it from Scandinavia. Yatzie and I found a cool bistro earlier this week, and had dinner there tonight. They have a male dog and he came running when Yatzie entered. But the owners remembered that she is on heat and locked the excited dog up. I love the atmosphere in these local restaurants. It is like a big family in there. Everybody seems to know each other. They all greeted me "Bon appetit" and also gave Yatzie a few strokes. My French is getting a little better.


Yatzie spent the evening watching Flash playing and following her wherever she went.

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  • Kerstin Neld • 30 november 2010 20:15:12
    Hej Yatzie och Elisabeth, Oh vad vi längtar efter Er! Vi håller tummarna att det blir många söta små valpar på det nya året. Välkomna hem i helgen! Kram från Kerstin
  • Lineke • 26 november 2010 17:38:28
    Lieve Elisabeth,
    Wat heeft Yatzie een mooie site! Deftige hond!
    Geniet in Frankrijk en zing nog eens het hele lied!
  • Willemien • 26 november 2010 17:13:32
    Hej Elisabeth! Tror att Silas vet om vad som pågår där söderut.. han står bara vid grinden och väntar, trots kylan, det är nog han som skickar snön dit... with lots of love.
  • Geneviève • 26 november 2010 11:06:00
    Magnifique l'interprétation musicale...
    Nous vous attendons avec impatience!
    Geneviève et Django
  • Arno • 25 november 2010 22:12:51
    Dear E and Yatzie, nice to read about you in la douce France.
    Beautiful pictures, nice stories. Good luck and we (Luna and friends) look forward to see you again in Holland (Scheveningen??)tot gauw, Arno
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Singing in the chapel

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