Yatzie's nail is removed

After 5 days we visited our vet again for her to have a look at Yatzie's split, loose nail. It had been 5 painful days for Yatzie, she was on pain stillers, a split nail with a pulp that is partly in the open hurts... Yatzie's nail was by now less stuck to the skin and we decided to remove it. This is the first time I have to have a nail removed on one of my dogs. My vet explained that having a split nail partly stuck is like what a child experiences having a loose milk tooth. Once it is stilll hanging there it hurts but removing it, which hurts more for a few seconds, will make the pain less. Yatzie got a local anesthesia but still hurt a lot when the vet removed the nail. Poor thing. Now I will keep her pulp covered while we are out walking, clean it daily and leave it open in the nights, until the nail has grows fully out again. It will take some time so this is a difficult time for our dear Yatzie. I am not sure about that story about the milk tooth because of course the pulp is still extremely sensitive and will stay that way until the nail is grown out I am afraid.

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