Bye bye Ollie - a playful movie

The labradoodle Ollie has been with us for a week and we will miss her now that she leaves the house. It was a very nice week with four dogs in the house and there was such harmony between all the dogs. It is nice to see how dogs so easily adjust and accept new pack members. Moët will surely miss her good white friend very much. All day long they have been playing, chasing each other, fighting over stocks and toys and just tumbeling around with each other the way young dogs do. In the video you see some shots from their nice playful moments. It has also been interesting to notice the character differences between Barbets and Labradoodles - dogs that look very much the same on the outside. The Barbets have stronger build, bones much wider - Ollie weighs 6 kgs less than Moët even though they are the same hegiht. Ollie has a careful character and is less daring, the Barbets more dynamic and wild. Ollie is very strong in the tug-of-war and also quicker than Moët when chasing the ball. My Barbets have a strong chasing instinct which Ollie totally lacks. The Barbets are more relaxed in the house, easily lay down to rest when there is nothing going on while Ollie thinks "let's do something fun!" and comes running with the ball or a toy inviting you for a nice game. Both races are very sweet and cuddely. Bye bye sweet Ollie! We hope to see you soon again!

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