Reindeer bone for dessert

This evening when walking Yatzie she showed me that she wanted to say hello to her granma and granpa. So we did. The thing is they spoil her like they spoil their other grand children, and Yatzie knows it. This time grandpa Per-Arne went all the way down to the freezer in the cellar and pulled out a frozen reindeer bone for Yatzie. On my mother's side we have our roots in Lappland. Every fall my parents buy a whole reindeer from friends who are Lapps and own many reindeers. When jointing it some of the left over bones are kept in the freezer for the four legged family member who absolutely loves it! We had to leave quickly so Yatzie brought the bone in her mouth all the way to the car and there she happily chewed on it. What a dessert!

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