At the Dutch Barbet Club exhibition!

Today both Yatzie and Moët participated in the exhibitions of the Dutch Barbet Club. 47 Barbets were shown! First time for me in such a show and it was amazing to see so many Barbets together. I have not shown Yatzie for a long time, and in hard competition she scored third place in Open class! I am very proud of her! Moët had great critics, but was still not placed amongst the best 4. The only thing the judge saw as a minus was that she could be wider over the breast which should come with time.


The greatest joy today was to see another three of Yatzie puppies! Missy (Tsarine) and Basil (Champagne) for the first time since they left the nest! Our wild teenager Charley (Henriot) was also there and had very good critics (though not placed amongst the 4 best). Missy is a lively and playful girl and Moët and she had so much fun playing together. Unfortunately I have no good photos of her since we were in the ring together and the rest were all blur... Missy also got Very good as qualification, but she still needs to grow a bit wider. Thanks to all of you puppy owners who met up today!

Missy and Moët playing!
Missy relaxing - for a short moment!
Charley by the judge
Champagne aka Basil!
Moët in the fields after the show!

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