A new phase in the pregnancy

Today is day 35 of the pregnancy and a new phase begins. Until now the bitch should not have gained weight (but Yatzie did gain a little less than a kilo) and she should eat her normal portions. But from now the puppies start to grow faster and Yatzie needs to eat more and stronger food. She knows it! All she does all day long is to ask for food.  She eats all she gets and more if she can. Bones laying around that were not interesting before are now very valuable. I give her carrots to satisfy her need to chew, and she loves it (normally not). One can already notice that her belly is growing and her nipples are more swollen. She is a pregnant beautiful "lady"!

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  • Eva • 15 januari 2014 21:27:42
    Lovely! Beautiful lady and great to see some ground without snow, we have 30 cm in the garden now...
  • I wish we had snow too! Miss it! No snow so far here in Holland this year. Yatzie and Moët love it too!

    15 januari 2014 22:41:41

  • Tessa • 15 januari 2014 20:29:24
    Yatzie, I'm so proud of you!!
  • Petra • 15 januari 2014 14:28:42
    She indeed is a beautiful, pregnant lady! If she could glow, she would certainly do!
    How's Moët holding on, with her mother being pregnant and eating all day?
  • Moët finds Yatzie a bit boring. Yatzie does not want to play with her anylonger. And during the walks Moët has to run around alone in the forest because Yatzie prefers to walk along my side!

    15 januari 2014 20:59:37

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