Inflammation but not severe

We went to vet today and did an ultra sound. Yatzie has an inflammation in the uterus due to some materia left there after the birth. It is not unusual and her inflammation is not severe, but we are taking all necessary precautions to prevent any further negative development. She is on antibiotics as well as a homeopathic medicine. She is despite this most of the time in a good mood. Today she saw a her favourite coot in the canal and wanted to hunt it! But fortunately she was on a leash so I could stop her! Periodically she gets a bit restless, when there are after contractions in the uterus and she starts digging to prepare a new nest. I feel sorry for her then, give her sweet attention and mildly refer her back to the puppy box.

Our very sweet vet Rene Burger has been of great help.

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  • Marga • 22 september 2011 19:58:39
    Good luck Yatzie

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