Number 1 in Open class

Yatzie's results Älvsjö International Dog Show: Quality 1, Comp 1, Cert Quality, BTKL 4, Reserv CACIB. Description: Good size, excellent type, feminine head, good dark eyes, could have stronger beard in her face, good ears, correct neck, balanced angles front and back, normal movements, good fur, nice temperament.


Congratulations Yatzie! I understood that the judge really liked Yatzie but was reluctant to her wavy head, which I am used to. He even told me afterwards: Could you not cut the fur on her head differently to give it a stronger appearance? I said Yatzie has a lot of the older blood lines in her where the curls are more open and wavy. And after all the Barbet must be presented in a natural, rustic way. Or next time maybe I should use my curler and some mousse on her head? :-)


There were many families visiting the exhibition that were interested in the Barbet, asking a lot of questions. Yatzie was more tired than normally and went to lie down in her cage a lot. To me it is a a good sign! I am starting to believe that she is really expecting...

Thanks Ola for the pictures!

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  • Désirée • 21 december 2010 17:24:23
    congratulations Elisabeth and Yatzie, on the good comments she got. Of course we already knew Yatzie is a gorgeous dog :-) I think next time maybe you can put papillottes in her hair before a show - it will make a cute picture at least - haha
    Love, Désirée
  • Geneviève et Django • 21 december 2010 09:28:09
    Félicitation à la belle Yatzie pour cet excellent résultat.
    Pour Django, pas de doutes , Yatzie est la plus belle des barbettes.
    Nous espérons aussi...Bravo encore et beau Noël
  • Bart • 20 december 2010 17:59:18
    Watched the log at the airport on my phone. I'm leaving for Stockholm in 1 hour. Soon I'll be reunited with my two beautiful girls! Are "we" really pregnant!?
  • Ola Storbråten • 20 december 2010 10:07:12
    Nice to meet you and Yatzie in Stockholm
    Congratulations with the feedback from the judges
    She is a very fine dog :-)

    Nice pictures by the way..

  • Hi Ola, Nice meeting you too, and good luck with the to be new family member.

    20 december 2010 10:19:43

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