The Angel litter with their angel names

Finally the angels have gotten their sweet angel names. Each name has a very special meaning, that matches the puppy when it comes to character or outlooks. Here presented in alphabetic order:

Angel (orange) – Angel of the Lord
Hanael (red) – angel of joy, meaning: The joy of God
Muriel (yellow) – angel of peace and harmony, meaning: God’s perfume
Yeyezel (beige/grey) – angel of divine consolation and comfort, meaning: The God delighting every living thing
Zofiel (pink) – angel of beauty, meaning: Divine Beauty.

Cherubiel (blue) – Prince angel of the gates of heaven, meaning: The Flames Which Dance Around the Throne of God
Jeremiel (green) – angel of hopeful visions and dreams, meaning: God’s mercy
Nahaliel (purple) – angel who watches over the running streams, meaning: Valley of God
Phanuel (brown) – angel of the divine presence and hope, meaning: The face of God
Umabel (light blue) – angel of affinity and friendship, meaning: God above all names elevated

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  • Camilla • 20 mars 2014 06:02:42
    Åh så fina de är!
  • Anna • 19 mars 2014 22:38:17
    Åhh så stora dom har blivit och vilka underbara namn! Längtar så tills på Fredag när jag kommer ner. Stor kram och massa nospussar
  • Finaste Anna! Vi längtar enormt efter dig allihopa! Du är så välkommen! Kram, Elisabeth

    19 mars 2014 23:30:28

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