Forest walk with the club

Last Sunday the Dutch Barbet club organized a club walk in the great forest of Lage Vuursche. A grey day but we did not get wet. Apart from Yatzie who had a short swim in the cold water... Many Barbet families joined the walk, as well as some people interested in the race. We walked for two hours or so, in the most genuine forest I have experienced in Holland so far. Yatzie and I will definitely spend time there again! Two of the males got very interested in Yatzie who had a hard time keeping them short. But when I started throwing her dummy into the forest she liked retrieving it so much that she seemed to not notice that there was a guy on top of her back!

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  • sophie • 1 februari 2011 10:50:40
    hej elisabeth and yatzie.
    we had a really nice walk indeed!we must do this more often I think.everybody had such fun.(great blog you have by the way)
    hälsningar sophie jan and sera .
  • Yes Sophie, it was a really nice walk. And great to get to know more Barbet-freaks!

    1 februari 2011 11:45:42

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