Yatzie is Dutch and the kennel is approved

Yatzie's registration certificate arrived - she is now a Dutch dog! To have a litter in Holland the bitch, as well as the owner, must be registered in the country. During the summer my kennel has also been registered and the name is (de) l'Esprit de Bonté - the spirit of goodness/gentleness/loving kindness. I wanted a name that captured the special character of a Barbet, and especially of Yatzie. I hope Yatzie, through her puppies, will spread much goodness/gentleness/loving kindness to all the puppy owners.

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  • yoka • 5 september 2011 18:54:58
    Congratulations Elisabeth!

    Greetz Yoka
  • Marga • 31 augusti 2011 14:50:10
    Congratulations Elisabeth, because you have a dutch dog now: gefeliciteerd met je prachtige kennelnaam :)
  • Bedankt Marga! Ik wacht met spanning op het nieuws van de geboorte van Gadis pups te horen! Veel succes met alles! Elisabeth

    31 augusti 2011 16:22:30

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