Jumping grass

The grass at our favourite place is very high these days. Moët and Yatzie disappear in there. Moët has a very agile way of rushing through the high grass with high jumps that just look so amazing - she moves like a dear! In this video she is looking for Yatzie but can't find her! Back home I realized that both dogs had their furs full fo dry grass seeds .After what happened to Moët last summer in Italy, where a dry pointy grass entered her paw and caused a serious infection, I spent the evening clearing their fur and shaving the hair between their toes, where a lot of dry grass was stuck... 

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  • Eva • 5 juni 2014 08:59:41
    Looks like happiness, longing for being able to let Dante off the leach in that way.
  • Yes, Moët is a very happy dog! And she shows it with her whole body always!

    5 juni 2014 09:34:15

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