Two brown sisters

In Yatzie's litter were two brown girls - Moët and Fenna. Fenna, who is in all other aspects a very brave girl, had not really started swimming yet, so Mariel, her owner, and I got together to let Fenna learn from her sister and mother. To get Yatzie to fully emerge she needs water work but Moët is always in the water, with or without "reason". It did not take long until Fenna was just as wild in the water as Moët. She even jumped off a high stone wall, following her sister's example. Moët enjoys "bombing"! Moët, who is more careful in the beginning of a "new" acquaintance, soon made best friends with Fenna and they had a great time together playing, chasing each other and competing about the water dummy!

Fenna - Elyssia de l'Esprit de bonté
Etiketter: barbet elyssia moёt fenna

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