Rabbit catch

Don't worry - it is a dummy! Yatzie retrieved her very first rabbit dummy at our Sunday morning training in Noorderpark. I told the trainer that Yatzie had never retrieved a rabbit dummmy before: Ok, let's test her first, he replied. So he pulled out the dummy and played with it with Yatzie. She showed interest and curiosity. So we decided to do the retrieving exercise with her. She did a fantastic job! Brought it back, sat down and let go of it on my signal!


We also trained retreiving from the pond. Yatzie was going crazy when she had to wait for six other dogs to retrieve before her! She was soo eager to go for the dummy! She flew over the first small canal, but then at the shore of the pond she started barking at the dummy. Soon she understood that barking was not the way to get a hold of it - so she jumped into the water, fetched the dummy and ran back with it to me. People comment on the fact that Yatzie expresses a lot of joy when working, which make also me joyful!

Below is Cisca, a Barbet of Greet Los, who is also a fond retriever!

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