Making healthy dog cookies

I like to train my barbets. But I hate to give them treats full of artificial ingredients; colours, conservation, E-this and E-that. So I decided to make my own healthy biscuit.

This is what I used as ingredients: 
Lambs meet
Hemp oil

This is how I made them: 
I boiled the meet and the vegetables and ran it through the mixer. Added oil and flour until it had a workable structure. Rolled long sticks and placed them on an oven tray. Then I cut them through with a pizza slicer in small pieces. I baked them in the oven for 1 hour on 200 degrees, then 1 hour on 75 degrees and then let them stay on the oven over night on 50 degrees. 

Big success! The dogs love them and I can train and treat the dogs with a good conscious!

That was a lot of cookies - I need to rest!

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