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Last night when Yatzie came up the stairs to sleep, she went to her puppy box and started digging. Then she got up on the bed beside me asking for attention. Bart asked: What is she telling you?  She told me the puppies will come very soon! I have been monitoring her temperature and this morning it went down 1 degree which is a sign that the puppies will probably come within 24 hours. If they are born Saturday it will be the most beautiful birthday present I could ever have imagined! I trimmed Yatzie's big puppy belly this morning - isn't it looking fantastic?

Mother-to-be! Yatzie is quietly waiting for her puppies to come.

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  • Tracey • 18 september 2011 15:25:09
    Congratulations, Yatzie and Elisabeth!!!
  • Tomasz • 17 september 2011 20:51:07
    It seems that the night will be long :)
  • Brigitte • 17 september 2011 18:23:33
    All my thoughts go to you ! !
    Wish you a good birth and lots of nice puppies . . .
    take care . . . Brigitte
  • Marga • 17 september 2011 12:31:27
    Lots of succes for you and Yatzie!!
  • Yoka • 16 september 2011 13:17:30
  • Marie Widblom • 16 september 2011 12:05:09
    Hoppas allt går bra.Lycka till.
  • Marianne • 16 september 2011 11:46:02
    Wow, only a few hours to go. This must be really something for you, as is already very exciting for us.
    Elisabeth, your pictures tell so much, thanks for sharing them! Lots of love for you all,


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