Up the alps by cable car

Yesterday we took a cable car up the mountain in one of the Swiss ski resorts near our camping. Yatzie enjoyed the view sticking her head out of the window! For two hours we walked a mountain trail surrounded by snow covered alps and glaciers. It was a fantastic afternoon but with some tribulations. Our friend's dog Bo was lost for almost half an hour. She has a bad habit of running too far away from the flock. With the wind, the hills and the loud sound from the streams it was difficult for her to hear or smell us. We had to walk back and with the help of another mountaineer we finally found her!!! After the tracking we ate a tasty Apple strudel in a picturesque restaurant at the foot of the hill. Bo, who is much taller than Yatzie, always puts her head on the table hoping to charm someone and taste the goodies. She is usually successful!

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