Yatzie meets Isa and Leija

Yatzie had not seen her best friend the portugese waterdog Isa for almost three months. When we approached the golf course this morning the sun was just rising above the horizon. Shadows were long and the snow was turning yellow. As soon as Yatzie saw the figure in the snow she knew who it was. She was yelling to get out of the car. A short tumble around in the snow, chasing a ball and Isa had to leave... Yatzie was disappointed and sat in the snow looking for her for a long time. We will soon see her again dear Yatzie! Fortunately we met a new friend, the flat Leija. Yatzie does not play with new acquaintances that easily but Leija was so playful that she got Yatzie going. What an amazing start of the day for both of us!

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  • Leia o Carin Zachrisson • 9 december 2010 14:56:22
    Det är verkligen från ett sagolandskap och vilka filmstjärnor, med och utan täcke !
    Tack !
    Sänder ett mail med bild !
  • Tomasz • 9 december 2010 09:48:55
    Amazing photos. Greetings from Poland.
  • Thanks, nice you found Yatzies blog even in Poland! / Elisabeth

    13 december 2010 12:52:51

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