Enlarging the whelping box

I made the whelping box for Yatzie from a Billy bookshelf from IKEA that we did not need any longer. It worked out perfectly for her. Now that Moët is getting her first litter I am wondering if maybe Yatzie will be spending some time in there too? So I decided to enlarge the box. Fortunately I had a few spare shelves from the same bookshelf and at a local do-it-yourself store I had the shelves cut into the correct sizes. I added 40 cm to the width of the box with the help of brackets. Then I drilled some new holes to be able to mount it all together wth the IKEA screw system. The size is now 120x120 cm, and it looks perfect to me. I have ordered a new foam matress with waterproof, washable cover. When it arrives I will present what will be the first home for the much longed for little babies! 

When Yatzie saw the whelping box she sniffed it for a long time. I can imagine many sweet memories are coming back to her now!

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