In the fields of Groningen

A weekend at our good friends in Groningen, north Holland. Together with Fladder, their Dutch partridge dog, Yatzie and Moët had a fantastic time.  The fields in the area are wide and open so Yatzie and Fladdder ran a lot! Fortunately Moët still stays more or less near us, and does not take off for adventures as far away as Yatzie does. What we did not know was that together Yatzie and Fladder made a perfect hunting team and at one point we heard some noise - Fladder had caught a hare... First time it ever happened and we were all in chock. Yatzie as well (she is not fast enough to catch a hare herself even though she is crazy about running after them...). But she was also proud and would not leave until she had shown me the spot. Moët was very brave and started pulling the warm hare along the field. Filled with double feelings I was still glad to see that Moët naturally retrieves wild animals, not only birds.

Fladder - a Dutch partridge dog. Superb hunter...
Moët retrieving a hare

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