Hello, I am Joey!

"Hello. I am Joey!  I am a 1 year old cocker spaniel. This week I am staying with my new friends the Barbets Yatzie and Moët. We got to know each other at the dog training school KynoQuest. I love to play with Moët. On the beach some days ago we were having so much fun chasing each other. But one moment she really scared me when she suddenly appeared from the side when I was happily retrieving my ball. On one of the pictures you can see how surprised I look! I am crazy about balls and sticks. The funniest game I play with the humans is to run away with the stick or the ball exactly when they think they can get it! Or get me! They used to never get me. Hmm, but this week Elisabeth put a long line on me and then I can never get away. I hope she will not tell mum about that trick cause I do not like it. For the rest I am quite in love with Yatzie. But she does not realize what a great guy I am even though I try to show her in every possible way. I am sure she will soon get it though! Got to go! The ball is rolling here on the floor asking me to play with it -  or maybe eat it. I eat shoes too! Yummie yummie! Buy! See you soon again!"

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