Number 10 - at the after party!

Late at night yet another puppy appeared! So the final result is 6-4 to the girls! The birthgiving took all together 9 ½ hours. The preparation time was also very long, so Yatzie and I stayed awake for 48 hours - from Friday morning until Sunday morning.  All the puppies are doing very well gaining weight already. Only the last girl is still not sucking perfectly. So she screams all the time poor thing. Yatzie gives her much attention, but sometimes it is too much for her and she tells her to shut up by standing up barking at her! But when I take her away to bottle feed her Yatzie is really concerned and tries to take her from my hand back into the rest of the family. Now we will both try to get some rest. Will post pictures of all the puppies soon! Two have white chests and one of those also has white sportsocks! 


Thanks everyone for all the good wishes!

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  • Anna • 19 september 2011 14:08:01
    Wow, känns helt otroligt med 10 små valpar! Hoppas du får chans att vila ut efter din vaka, och att Yatzie mår bra. Och så håller jag tummen för den lilla tionde! Great news, och ser fram emot att få höra fortsättningen! :)
  • yoka • 19 september 2011 09:37:21
    Vilken överraskning med en valp!
    Det var en lång och svår arbetsmarknad, så att läsa.
    En härlig tid som krävs.
    Super bilder att se.
    Söt att se.
    Hälsningar Yoka

  • Karl-Johan • 18 september 2011 21:05:47
    Ett jättegrattis till er! Elva nospussar m.a.o. ;-)
  • Marga • 18 september 2011 20:50:57
    Very much success with the last one Elizabeth. I hope she will make it.
    At first some sleep

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