Phanuel will be Balou - a real cuddlebear

Phanuel, the angel of the divine presence and hope, was the puppy that ALWAYS was on your lap. He demanded it and was impossible to resist... Could there be a better name for him than Balou? He will live in east Holland, with Majorie's family. Every Thursday he will be staying overday with a neighbour barbet, Ollie and we believe they will be best friends. Majorie is a hair dressae so we expect that Balou always will be perfectly groomed ;-) !

A bye bye kiss for the big sister!

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  • Jos Cové • 27 april 2014 17:01:55
    Balou loves playing with Ollie. And Ollie is happy when he sees Balou. I know for sure they will be best friends. Balou is a lovely dog and I cannot resist him.

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