A night in the wind shield

This past weekend Yatzie and I went hiking with our dear neighbours Willemien, their golden Silas and 10-year old daughter Julia. The weather was perfect, sunny and a bit windy. Saturday afternoon we walked for 2 hours til we reached our destination - a wind shield by Trehörningsskogens Naturreservat along Roslagsleden. It was like paradise there, by a small lake. Yatzie and Silas enjoyed exploring the area and the lake. After a gourmet dinner made on the open fire we slowly prepared our beds for the night - believing we would get quite a nice sleep... The dogs took turns to guard us. As soon as they heard the slightest sound or saw something moving the warned loudly! Then the mosquitos started buzzing and biting. After that it was getting cold... By half past five we had not fallen asleep yet and thought we might as well get up! The dogs just got off their night shift and finally crawled up by our sleeping bags.


We started a big fire to heat up and was on the road again already at half past six! We had quite a long trip in front of us but made nice stops along the road, with coffee and biscuits. Soon after 12 the rest of the Lam's met up with us and when we finally reached the car we were all exhausted but very happy and content with the trip. Yatzie put her head on the back of the car seat and her eyes closed in a second! I attach a mix of good and bad pictures.


PS: Afterwards I heard that we had passed through an area where a herd of wolves recently had attacked and killed a dog, while it was on a peacful walk with its master and a baby stroller.... Glad the dogs were keepin guard all through the night! DS

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