The tame mountain goat

When we sat down for a break during our mountain walk a tame goat came to us. It was such a sweet goat! She wanted to share our picknick! So we gave her some cookies. Yatzie had to fight to get her share. First Yatzie was afraid of the goat but then saw that it was friendly - despite eating part of her share of the food... When we continued our walk the goat followed us. After a while Yatzie thought - enough is enough, you are a mountain goat, you should stay up there. She barked at the goat but the goat did not care at all but continued following us. There was nothing we could do. Then we heard someone shouting from up the hill. There was a shepherd who tried to get in contact with us. He told us this goat can follow you all the way to the hotel - because you gave her something to eat, didn't you? Yes, we had to admit, we did... But how on earth did the shepherd know that his goat was on her way down hill?

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