Beware the wolves!

Two magnificent Irish Wolfdogs made an impression on both Yatzie and me today. Yatzie, who is a middle sized dog, seemed like a papillion beside these two. She kept a distance at first, not having met this large breed before, but took courage and got friendly with the older one, the father of the other. The breed's name Wolfdog could give a wrong impression. I asked the owner of the character of the dogs and she said: They are the sweetest dogs you can imagine. I believe her - just look at those kind eyes and the smile!

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  • Märta • 17 februari 2011 07:48:59
    Vilket spännande hundliv.Yatzie tycks kunna umgås med alla.
  • margot • 12 februari 2011 10:15:35
    als je deze hond vergeleikt met yatzie is hij erg groot,
    en het is wel een er mooie hond.

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