Swedish midsummer in Holland

Yatzie and Moët joined us for a very nice Swedish midsummer celebration arranged by the Swedish Seamen's Church in Rotterdam. Bart helped to raise the midsummer pole and the dogs danced around it with us a for a while. Unfortunately, many children in Holland are afraid of dogs, however sweet they are, so we had to leash them after a short while. Yatzie was not happy about that and told us with a loud voice! The dogs caught a lot of attention and was admired by many.


The Swedish traditions around midsummer, celebrated around the longest day of the year (solstice), are very strong and every true Swede celebrates! Some dress up in traditional Swedish costumes, others put a flower wreath on their head. The midsummer pole is decorated with fresh flowers by the participants themselves, and then we dance and dance around it, accompanied by a harmonica and sometimes a whole group of traditional musicians. After that we eat hering and fresh potatoes and as a desert cream cake with strawberries. Not to forget the many snapses that accompany the hering!

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  • Karin • 21 juni 2012 22:05:43
    Glad Midsommar! Vad härligt det ser ut!

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