Yatzie is so ready - but Django?

Django is fabulous - but is he ready for Yatzie? That is the question. They met last night and Yatzie did everything right, she knew what this was about. She really wants to be a mother. But it did not happen yet. They were so sweet to each other, they do like each other, but though Django tried a lot it did not work out... We will give them a new chance... Hold your fingers!


For the rest we had a great birthday dinner for Elaine. Geneviève, Djangos owner, cooked us a terrific meal. Clams, legumes from the garden. Her house on the country side is a dream! Brigitte, friend of Elaines was there too, who is an experienced breeder. She said Yatzie knows she is a dog. That may sound strange to you, but I understand exactly what she means. When dogs are so close to humans as they are they sometimes get too independant and need reassurance from their master about what to do. Yatzie did not need that. She was so clear in her mind. I was glad to see that since I am often told I treat her too much as a human! Yatzie was so sweet in my eyes, the way she acted. She charmed Django, playing, laying down for him, rolling around. We just have to wait and see what will happen this weekend...

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  • mamma • 30 november 2010 21:09:55
    Du är en fantastisk fotograf. Hjärtat är outstanding! Likadant fotot där de bekantar sig med varandra!
    Kram, mamma
  • Emma • 29 november 2010 21:05:01
    Ik hoop dat Yatzie babytjes krijgt. Ik zie het al helemaal voor me: kleine lieve yatzie-tjes met kleine staartjes!
    Veel succes in Avignon!
  • Bart • 27 november 2010 15:48:28
    They're really a fantastic couple dear. Yatzie will give birth to some beautiful puppies!
  • willemien • 27 november 2010 12:50:15
    Kära Elisabeth och Yatzie. Vi håller tummerna för er hela dagen, hela familjen (utom Silas).XXX.

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