Black beautiful barbet boys!

These beautiful barbet boys, born by Beli de l'Esprit de Bonté i Poland (Yatzie's daughter), are looking for their loving home! Maybe one is yours?! They are 9 weeks now but must be vaccinated for rabies at the age of 12 weeks before they can leave Poland. Contact me if you are interested! I may be able to arrange for the transport!

DON, DUC and DÉSIR - barbet boys in Poland looking for you?
The sweet mother Beli - daughter of Yatzie!

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  • margot • 2 februari 2015 13:00:39
    wat suuuppeeerrr schattig!! <3
  • Ja Margot - heel erg suuuuperrr schattig!

    2 februari 2015 13:08:56

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