Such mother such daughter

Yatzie and Moët in a twin posture. Look at  how they both hold their tails in the exact same position! Remarkably to see how alike their bodies and expressions are. Moët is 1½ cm lower (52,5) than her mother and weighs only 20 kg, Yatzie 25 at the moment (normally 23-24)! But when it comes to character they are very different. Moët is always ready for a walk or a playful fight, while Yatzie often prefers to relax. Yatzie loves to work for you - for food - and Moët prefers to work for play. Moët is always ready to please and obey while Yatzie, when not motivated to train for food, wants to do her own thing and is rather independant. What unites them in character - they both adore being cuddled with! The photos are from another lovely stay at the bed&breakfast Mollenvlied in Vaasen.

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