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My life with the French waterdogs Yatzie born 2007 and her daughter Moët born 2011. Barbets are purebred, active, relaxed and allergy friendly dogs with a soft and loving spirit. I am Swedish but live with my dogs in Holland. I hope you will enjoy the blog! Enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

2013 > 10

Stormy days are playful days! Yatzie and Moët play more and more with each other the way you see them play in this video. And look how Yatzie loves feeling the wind in her hair!

This morning on the Bloemendal Beach in Harlem, Yatzie and Moët enjoyed the sea together with their new friend Bommel, a 6 months old, gorgeous briard. He was totally fascinated by Moët and followed her wherever she went. Only the retreiving in the water made him leave her side for a few seconds!

Etiketter: briard bommel

I like to train my barbets. But I hate to give them treats full of artificial ingredients; colours, conservation, E-this and E-that. So I decided to make my own healthy biscuit.

This is what I used as ingredients: 
Lambs meet
Hemp oil

This is how I made them: 
I boiled the meet and the vegetables and ran it through the mixer. Added oil and flour until it had a workable structure. Rolled long sticks and placed them on an oven tray. Then I cut them through with a pizza slicer in small pieces. I baked them in the oven for 1 hour on 200 degrees, then 1 hour on 75 degrees and then let them stay on the oven over night on 50 degrees. 

Big success! The dogs love them and I can train and treat the dogs with a good conscious!

That was a lot of cookies - I need to rest!

Fall is here so I taught Yatzie how to keep warm on cold days by rolling herself into a blanket! On command "Yatzie is it cold?" (in Dutch) she goes to the blanket, lies down, gets a hold of the blanket with her mouth and rolls around. Handy!

Etiketter: tricks, yatzie

On Sundays our daughter Margot trains Moët in a group with young dogs. This was her first session after the vacation and passivity training was on the curriculum. Moët does quite well, but can not sit quietly for too long, then she gets restless and starts making some noise. So this is great training for her. Margot knows how to reward at the right moments, when Moët by herself chooses to sit and shows that she is relaxed. Attention, follow and jump was also practiced. Margot and Moët make a great team!

Moët is laying totally relaxed on the floor while I cut her nails. I am so glad she trusts me so in this -  it is another story with Yatzie. For her, despite a lot of positive training, nail clipping is very stressful. 

Silla, a good friend from Hong Kong, came to visit us this weekend! We took the dogs to the city of Utrecht walking them through Bijenkorf, a chic department store. Silla found it very surprising that the dogs were allowed in there and that they knew how to ride the escalator! I have often taken the dogs to places with escalators to make them used to this strange moving object. In the beginning I bought a clicker and rewards to make it fun. Moët still finds it difficult to step on to it, but follows along, though hesitantly, by Yatzie who is very confident.  

In de Bijenkorf

A barbet book!

The first book about the barbet published in Europe is here! 308 pages, 300 photos, in hardback  for years of enjoyment. Order the book here: The book is available in English and Dutch and can be shipped to all countries!
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Authours: Elisabeth Roest Kempemo and Brigitte Waller-Rengelink. 

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  • June • 4 juni 2016 16:31:26
    Beautiful Barbets! Has been a dream of mine for almost 10 years to have a Barbet of my own! Someday! ;)

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