The run-away dachshund

Last week I found a run-away dachshund in a neighbour's garden. She had been around for some hours so I thought I'd better call the police to see if she was reported lost. Answer: No. So I took her home waiting for the Police to come pick her up. In the house she immediatley located the closed cupboard where I had kept some old toys of Yatzie's and did not stop making noise until I had opened it. She threw herself into the toybox and had so much fun. She totally adored Yatzie's rubber mouse that makes noise and we played together. Yatzie kept a good distance because this sweet, cuddely little dog was very aggressive towards other dogs. After midnight the Police came to pick her up. I called them the day after and was happy to hear the run-away was back in her house! I am sure her family was very happy to have her back!

Etiketter: dachshund

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