Video. Yatzie and her 9 days old puppies.

In this video Yatzie enters into the puppy box when the puppies are still sleeping. They are now 9 days old. She starts to clean them and they slowly wake up. Then they quickly hurry to get to their favourite nipple. Yes, already when they are 5 days old, the puppies have decided on their favourite! But then imagine two puppies having the same favourite!  Well, I sometimes see the stronger puppies pushing another off a nipple. Life in the puppy box is competitive! You can see how the puppies are already starting to push up with their legs.

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  • Helen Koopman • 27 september 2011 21:27:12
    Lieve Yatzie en natuurlijk opa en oma Bart en Elisabeth,
    Wat ontzettend schattig! En wat zullen jullie het er druk mee hebben! We kunnen niet wachten om ze "life" te komen bewonderen. Hopelijk mag 14/10 mijn gips er af en kan ik dus weer lopen! Gefeliciteeeeeeeerd! X De Koopmannetjes

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