Hurray for The Angels - 1 year today!

The Angel litter is 1 year old today! They have grown to become beautiful barbets and are so loved by their families! Yesterday 6 of the Angels met up for a birthday walk in the Soesterduinen (unfortunately Yeye and Oscar could not join us, and Billie and Dante live in Sweden) together with mama Yatzie and Grandma Toutes! Here is a potpourri of lovely photos from our walk!

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  • Rien van Kuijk • 10 februari 2015 17:01:43
    Frits found it a particularly fine and cosy meeting with the other Angels mama Yatzie and grandma Toutes. Apart the variety of build and coat of my brothers and sisters. Also fun the adventures and experiences of every Angel. Hopefully soon to a next opportunity.

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