Busy in the whelping box

Just a few pictures of the puppies in the whelping box. As you can see they all have a lot of white markings. All have 4 white feet, more or less white, and two have a white tail tip! Cute! I will try to post individual photos soon with a colour guide for the male and female ribbons. Enjoy these til then!


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  • Debby • 23 september 2015 12:36:32
    Ooohhhhhh they are sooo qute
  • Anja • 22 september 2015 19:04:38
    They are soooooooo cute! Love watching these photo's! Makes me really happy! <3
  • Melinda • 22 september 2015 18:55:14
    They are to cute. Specially the pup with the big white sock!

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