The teddybear shrunk

Time to shower Yatzie. Three hours it took me to brush her this time! Her fur is so long now, more than 10 cm. Then shampooing and woops, the teddybear shrunk a few sizes! Yatzie enjoys the massage she gets when shampooing her, but she really dislikes the rinsing part, especially on her face. But she still obeys the command "gå till duschen" - go to the shower - and patiently waits for me to finnish. The drying off seems to be the best reward - she loves that! And one needs a few towels to get the water out. Then she dries totally over the night. In the mornings she gets a lot of cuddles - she is so soft and smells so good!

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  • Anna • 14 december 2010 15:06:43
    Det är mycket päls som ska torkas efter duschen! Vi använder en "dog towel" på Ruffa, och då behövs det inte lika många handdukar! :) Handduken är som en stor wettex-duk med extrem uppsugningsförmåga. Den kan även fuktas på sommaren och användas som en "avkylare" på en överhettad hund!

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