The Big Bink is moving out

Our big boy Benoit - believe it or not but he today weighs 7,4 kgs! - is moving in to a lively and loving family of 5 in Zeist. This will be a perfect place for him, where he will get a lot of love and attention. Benoit is a very special boy. He will very clearly let you know what he wants (and he knows what he wants!), using his voice in many different tones, without barking! He needs and asks for a lot of attention, but he is so soft hearted that he most of the time was the underdog here in his position towards his siblings. He is simply a big bunch of love and will surely find a place in the heart of everyone! We will miss you darling Benoit - or Bink which is his new and very suitable name! Promise to come by soon!

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