Life inside the womb

Dog fetus 40 days old Dog fetus 40 days old

When you have a pregnant "dog child" (a word I learned from one of the to-be puppy owners!) you become very intensely involved in what is happening inside that little body. For Moët, this is her first experience of carrying life inside her womb. Today is day 38 and earlier this week, by day 35, the embryos became fetuses - their eyelids have appeared, their ears have formed, the toes have separated and all their organs have begun to develop. The coming weeks the foetuses will grow with an amzing speed. At this moment they are approximately 4 cm long. That takes up quite a lot of space in the little womb if you carry 7 puppies!

Last night Moët came to my bed, she looked at me as if she wanted help. She looked a bit lost, and a little afraid. I got out of the bed and then she screamed once and threw herself on a thick bedcover that was laying on the floor.  I was afraid she had eaten something bad and had stomach pain, and needed to go out, so I took her out. But that was not the case. You know what I think? I believe that she for the first time felt her puppies inside her belly, and it was a strange and scary feeling for her. I sat down close together with her on the sofa for half an hour and I kept stroking her and talking softly. Then she quietly went to sleep and today she has been just fine! What special moments you may share with your dog child when you listen and give her the deserved attention. 

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