At the salmon party!

Now the puppies are trying salmon! They love that just as much as the minced meat. I feed them one by one from my hand. And today I tried to add a little fish to a water bowl to get them used to drinking water as well. The water bowl has been around for a while but they did not drink. The fish trick worked perfectly! They got so excited and drank all the fish tinted water. Some of them started choking a bit though. I hope they have learned the technique now. During the after-party the puppies lick each other clean. There is always a lot of food rests in their faces and on their bodies!

I now have 3 weeks to wean the puppies so that they at 7 weeks eat only food and do not need to drink from Yatzie any longer. This process has to be made with much care since their little sensitive stomachs need to get used to solid food slowly, introducing different food one by one.

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