Swimmer's itch waters

The weekend was so hot we took off to a nice lake, where dogs are allowed (Kleine Plass, Maarssen). Yatzie was happily jumping off the pier to get her beloved orange water dummy - but after a while we lost it. She took it to a safe place I think. Normally she can find everything she hides but after search - retrieve excercises for half an hour we both gave up... My good friend Maaike and Yatzie are always cuddeling so sweetly I had to take a photo of the two!


What I did not know was that the waters were infected with parasites and the day after my whole body was covered with red, itchy spots called Swimmer's itch (badklåda, swemmers jeuk). Nothing seems to help to calm the itching. I am going crazy from it. Tips are welcome! I do not think I will ever swim in a small lake again... The kids were not affected and after some studying on the Internet it seems that my sunscreen lotion must contain unsaturated fatty acids that are a stimuli for the parasites' penetration into the skin... Thank God the kids did not use the same sunlotion!

My arm, infected with Swimmer's itch parasites

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