Yatzie has a fever

Yesterday Yatzie developed a fever. The vet is coming soon. I am afraid it is an inflammation in the uterus. It can rather easily happen after the delivery. She is a bit restless. When the puppies are quiet she leaves the box and walks around digging here and there... Then she lays down to rest outside the box. But as soon as the puppies start making some noise she goes back to them. She is such a sweet mother. Let us hope she will get well quickly!

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  • Yoka • 21 september 2011 20:00:54
    Get well soon Yatzie!
  • Marga • 21 september 2011 14:15:27
    How sad for Yatzie, I hope she will soon recover. Big hug Yatzie
  • Thanks Marga!

    21 september 2011 14:26:21

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