Toutes and Lana - our special guests

We had two special guests in the house this week: barbet Toutes and lagotto Lana (owner Brigitte Waller). It certainly added to the atmosphere and it is interesting to see how very different dog characters are, even within the same race. Yatzie and Moët are already different of course, but Toutes she has her very special ways: she is addcited to television and cats! So the first day she disappeared twice sneaking away without us noticing. Luckily she did not find the neighbour cat! In the evening we had to turn the television on for her (or any other screen) preferably Animal Channel, and she would happily be watching for hours! Today they went back home and we miss them a lot!

Three barbets in windy profile. From left: Moët, Yatzie and Toutes

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