Darling hunter Cristal

To say good bye to the puppies going abroad has been the most difficult. Cristal is at this moment on the plane to Finland! Her new boss Juha works in a game farm and Cristal will be working with him there in hunting and herding of game. I spent much time picking out the right puppy for this special task and Cristal has proven herself to be clever, quick and very interested in things that move. She is a good retriever and brave. She is not afraid of noise which is also very important now that she will be working with hunters. I will tell you more about her work as I have reports from Finland. Cristal also has a very affectionate character and will be a very nice dog in the house as well. She is jointly owned by Paula Horne who is also a hunter and with her Cristal will be trained for Finish hunting dog diplomas. "Work hard my brave girl Cristal! Your life will be fulfilling, in your true hunting element!"

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